The oldest building in the Western Hemisphere gets a sound system.

A twelfth­­ century Spanish Monastery was disassembled stone by stone and crated and brought by ship to the new world. It arrived in New York in 1926 but was eventually transported to Miami in 1952.

The building was methodically re-assembled on a nursery property in North Miami. It has become a significant tourist attraction as well as being home to St. Bernard de Clairvaux Episcopal Church.

When the church needed a sound system, Sound Planning was contracted for the design and installation of a system that would provide clear speech reproduction in an all stone chapel.

The ancient architecture and character of the building ruled out the use of any visible loudspeakers.

Sound Planning came up with a novel approach for this application. We were able to modify a JBL column loudspeaker for horizontal installation.

This speaker was small enough to be installed inside the altar where it is totally invisible.

The modification to the loudspeaker enables it to completely cover the chapel with clear, intelligible sound. Wireless microphones eliminated the need for any jacks, wiring or penetration of the walls.

The leadership of the church is pleased with a system that in no way detracts from the aesthetics of the building.